The American Republicans and a Choice Between Trump and Truth

Ms. Liz Cheney, a Congress representative, has remarked that the Republicans must choose between Trump and truth.
8 January 2022
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Seyed Vahid Karimi

 Ms. Liz Cheney, a Congress representative, has remarked that the Republicans must choose between Trump and truth. On a wider scale in the international relations, it seems in the global disorder how the countries live has become harder. The real and legal dignity of the nations and countries has been questioned. In America, untill the coming of the 2024 presidential elections, the American nation will be faced with the issue whether or not Trump is coming back to the US political scene, which considering the US status in the international relations , will no doubt influence the international politics. The GOP is an influential party in the US politics which with its role in friendly and hostile relations with China, the Berlin Wall fall, and Iraq invasion has shown its governing nature. It is one of the most destructive forces, comparable to the Moguls, in wreaking destruction and change, especially in West Asia.

In the new game of international relations which is taking shape, how can we imagine the status of the Islamic Republic of Iran? China and America are competing for the superpower status. Russia is hostile towards the NATO. The major European countries have classified the three countries of the Islamic Republic of Iran, China and Russia among the “enemies” of Europe and America.

The European Union with rotational presidency of France has a dim hope of getting out of the political coma it is in. Germany and France are stuck between the UK and Russia and are confused about interaction or confrontation with Russia. The security independence of the European continent, minus the UK, is shrouded in mystery. The governing systems of the three countries that west considers enemy have apparently ruling systems that will continue for at least the next decade. While France is anticipating the presidential elections in 2023, the coalition government of Germany must wait until the results of the French elections are declared for its executive policy, because the two countries try to have a European foreign policy revolving around France’s demands. Also Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister, in his latest party speech said:” we continue to stick to the US as advised by Churchill.” Put another way, at the crossroads of history, with the US indoctrination, it continues its policy of creating crises and getting political advantages with the help of the US hard power.

The conditions of Muslim countries in West Asia from Afghanistan to Syria are not calming and promising to the nations and the people are fed-up and faced with various social damages. Also China, Russia and India lack the capabilities to integrate and unite. The Indian prime minister, Mr.Mody’s administration is delusional that with cooperation with Israel and America and formation of an alliance with Australia and Japan against China, India will have a better future.

            Since both China and Russia seek interaction and integration of cooperation with western countries, they prefer competition than union with each other, and as China paved the way for the Soviet collapse by uniting with the US, maybe Mr.Putin has put the program of China collapse on his agenda by uniting with America. This theory, in case of the return of Trump to the White House, will gain credibility and turn Putin into a kingmaker in the international relations.

In the games ahead of the international politics, how will the status of the Islamic Republic of Iran be determined? If the abovementioned theory is accepted as one of the options ahead, it is obvious, to consolidate the status of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the regional and on international arena and to become stronger we have to double our efforts. We have to advance the Neighborhood Policy by ever more strengthening the “field” and persuading the Islamic Republic of Iran’s neighbors into accepting its status, and in the relations with Europe and America stress acceptance of the “status of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” China, Russia and India must be closely watched and balance them against Taiwan, Northern Asia and Pakistan.

We are in a transitioning period. We have gone a long way and have to go on to the final destination, a journey which will have stops, circumventions, appeasement, alternate retreats and irreparable damages. For planning the foreign policy for the next decade, the people’s company inside the country is necessary, a thing that the Raisi administration can have an influential role in by adapting people’s company with the system’s foreign policy and by opening the decision-taking circle and utilizing “collective wisdom” , “media and research centers elite” and “consensus making” it will go a longer way.  

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