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The theology of violence/The theology of mercy

  An important paradox has been found in Islamic world;Theoretically, the muslim public opinion is that; Islam is a religion of mercy, andthe Prophet of Islam is "Mercy to the worlds". But, in practice, we are witnessing the most severe violence in the Middle East, at the heart of Islamic civilization. The violence to the extent that the Muslims, looking for security, accept any difficulty and have no choice except hazardous and sometimes etat immigrations. The Syria disaster is a visible example of this situation; something that may spread to the others regions more than before.

There is no doubt that paradox exist; and this, not today, but more than 150 Years ago has been found in the Islamic world. Mirza Yusuf Khan Mostashar (1239 AH - 1313 AH/1823 AD – 1895AD ), who was a diplomat of Nasser al-Din Shahs era (1210 – 1275 solar) in Russia and France, and wrote his famous treatise " One Word " in 1287 AH( 1870A.D),clearly has been caught up in the paradox and has acknowledged it.

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