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Africa Studies

The Africa Study Group was established in 2000 to study political, economic, cultural and social developments on the African continent, encompassing more than 60 countries. Iran has wide-ranging political, cultural, economic and historical ties with the African countries, which in some instances go back hundreds of years. The Africa Study Group endeavors to contribute to enhancing the International Relations literature on this region by carrying out its own research and conducting joint research projects with other national and international institutes and universities. Moreover, it organizes various events on developments in Africa in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas between national and international scholars, experts and officials.  The Group is also responsible for supervising the editing and updating of the IPIS Green Books series on Africa.

 The Africa Study Groups research priorities for the year 2015-2016 are as follows:

  • Surveying the roots of Salafi political thinking infiltration and Ahlalbeiti thoughts in the continent of Africa
  • The Challenges of Islam, Christianity and Animism in Africa and investing in policies within the framework of national interest.
  • Africas position in international system and the prospects of Iran on this continent
  • The presence of regional (Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt), and trans-regional powers (America, England, China, Russia and France) on in Africa and its impact on the governmental system of African countries in head-on rivalry with Iran