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Mr. Hamed Kazemzadeh

Mr. Hamed Kazemzadeh, who is Scholar in Centre for East European Studies of, Warsaw University, delivered a speech in the Institute of Political and International Studies (IPIS) on Monday, November 13, 2017. He raised the latest developments of EU’s plan for the Caucasus region in 2020 horizon. Mr. Kazemzadeh explained two major plans of EU in this region: ISSICEU and CASADE. He also illustrated how these plans have been prepared in the past three years and how will they implement in the future. Referring to the capacities and potentials of the Islamic Republic of Iran for participation in these projects and play an active role in this regard, he also made some suggestions for Iranian foreign policy to achieve that goals

18:31 - 16/11/2017    /    Number : 2336    /    Show Count : 746